Le Journal Intime Collectif : A PRACTICE

The Journal Intime Collectif is a system of game rules which allows all the people living a given city, of all ages, all social categories, to meet and to tell stories in a user-friendly and constructive atmosphere.

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According to its rules, each text must be start from the observation of scenes or urban place.
To take part in Journal Intime Collectif, one must bring a text describing an urban scene or encounter, with or without dialogue, experienced in public, for example, in a street, restaurant, station, metro, cinema, etc.
The text must describe a real scene, not invented, of anonymous persons. The text must be written in a descriptive style without the use of the pronoun "I".
It must be preceded by date, time and place. It can be contained in three lines or three pages.


Journal Intime Collectif meetings encourage listening. : each participant hears the texts of other participants without knowing the writers identity.

The Journal Intime Collectif invites to listening: each one hears the texts of the others without a priori. Since, before a text is read, one does not know who wrote it. During the meetings, the Journal Intime Collectif encourage a collective work which favors critical discussion in a atmosphere of tolerance with any ideology. The literary value of the texts is not concerned. What matters is the respect of the rules.

Several years of experience has shown that even in a big city, the inhabitants can communicate through their testimonies and share their daily experience. The city takes a human dimension. The practice of the Journal Intime Collectif requires a certain social " vigilance " and sharpens our glance on the" others " which we cross without knowing them. Our attitude becomes less passive in front of the small events which mark out our everyday life.


Lastly, a collective memory is constituted through the publication of a review.

You want to create a Journal Intime Collectif for your city.

Association VINAIGRE proposes:

To invite the inhabitants of your city to discover the Journal Intime Collectif and its rules of the game so that express themselves, through the writing and the reading, their testimonies on their city.